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Home Energy Assessment



Are you interesteded in saving money, making a safer more comfortable home for you and your family, and helping the environment?


The Hard Truth about Home Energy:


  • Our buildings and homes devour 40% of all U.S. energy and 75% of all U.S. electricity.


  • About 30% of all that energy is WASTED!


 What is a Home Energy Assessment?


A Home Energy Assessment is a quick, easy way for you to learn about your homes performance. Its kind of like an MPG rating for you home.


As a certified Home Energy Assessor I will collect roughly 40 peices of data from your property. I  will then enter that information into specialized software that generates an Energy Score along with a list of reccommended energy improvements.


If your home receives a low score, the improvements will enable you to improve your score and save money!


A Home Energy Assessment can help you lower energy bills, improve your homes comfort, and reduce energy usage! 


Also, a high Energy Score serves as an official way to document improvements which will enhance your homes ability to sell now and in the future.








Could $199.00 today, save you thousands tomorrow?

Call (814) 931-1745






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